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A Jamaica Poor No More by Michael Irving Phillips,
Jamaica  is poor and will remain poor unless it follows the guidelines outlined in my new book. These guidelines will also reduce crime and  improve the quality of life. It will also serve as a model for the rest of the developing world.. The book introduces Jamaicanism, Partnership With People and the Goodwill Revolution to make Jamaica have, not just a high quality of life, but among the highest in the world. 

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Leave the Rat Race To the Rats by Michael Irving Phillips

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Reparations for Slavery!
CARICOM Ten-point Plan For Reparations, UNDILUTED Vol. 20
Economic solution via PWP    

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Hot Calaloo is dedicated to informing and involving you the reader in Caribbean issues and keeping the Caribbean culture alive and kicking. We intend to focus on the positive in the Caribbean. In this respect, to the many problems that the Caribbean faces, our emphasis will be on solutions and how overseas West Indians can play a greater role in these solutions.
Michael Phillips, Editor

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UNDILUTED Vol 10 - Socialism is making a comeback! Read about the perspective in the undiluted words of Guyana's Ambassador to Venezuela, Odeen Ishmael, in his recent article: 
Socialist ideology takes new roots in South America



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  April 2023  
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A Jamaica poor no more and united

Poor countries are getting poorer. The governments of some countries like   Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Haiti and even the US commonwealth of Puerto Rico cannot even pay to maintain services. Yes, even Puerto Rico with its connection to the mighty United States is bankrupt and is undergoing all sorts of financial crises. I am sure other countries will follow. “Houston, we have a problem!” But, no one is really addressing it. There is no solution in sight because no one acknowledges the cause of this dire financial problem. These countries depend on taxation as their main source of income but this is not enough. The poorest of these countries have rich people. They became rich by going into business. These struggling governments can overcome their poverty and even become rich by also going into business.Years to come, we will look back and exclaim, “What a stupid idea, limiting the income of a government to taxes! How absurd!”

The proposal in my book, “A Jamaica Poor No More”, is for The Jamaica government  to go into business to make a profit, an honest profit. And, the objective is to compete with other business to become the biggest and best corporation in the country, in other words become the of Jamaica. . If a country is to shed their alarming poverty, it is essential they adopt my proposal. That is why I term this economic system, essentialism. Actually, in my book, “A Jamaica Poor No More”, I called it Jamaicanism but I consider essentialism more appropriate. Let me rush to emphasize that this is not socialism. Absolutely no business owner will have to turn over his business to the government. America does not permit socialism. If it was socialism, America would hit them with such repressive sanctions their misery would increase tenfold. I consider essentialism to be the evolution of the harmonious marriage of capitalism and socialism.

This new government business corporation will organize along corporation rules and completely different from the civil service. It will include a variety of types of business organisations such as: corporation, conglomerate, franchisor, franchisee, partnership, and sole proprietorship.

To guarantee the success of essentialism I propose Jamaica First for our political parties.  Jamaica First advocates that political parties pledge their loyalty to Jamaica above their loyalty to their party. The two-party system always includes an ‘opposition” party. All over the world, there is extreme polarization of people because of political parties’ opposition. United we stand , divided we fall and politically divided countries are falling all around the world. I am proposing that instead of the knee-jerk opposition, both JLP and PNP and any other political parties, put their heads together to come up with the best Jamaican government corporation possible. Let’s have “cooperation” instead of “opposition”. Let essentialism be a political unifier.

The government corporation will operate all types of profit-making businesses such as:

1. Automobiles – importation, new and used car dealerships, repairs (the general public and the government itself would be the biggest customers)

2. Real estate – construction, sales, rehab ( most millionaires made their millions from real estate)

3. Marijuana – recreational and medicinal. (Instead of throwing hard-working ganja farmers in jail, they will become important business partners). The state of Colorado is making millions from marijuana.

4. Agri-business – right now too many Jamaicans toil over farming the land to barely eke out a living but as partners with the government corporation their life will improve.



Undiluted Vol 21 - Uruguay ’s President José Mujica sets an example for  Caribbean leaders as he shuns rigidity, pomp and ostentatious living for justice and the simple life as reported by Medea Benjamin in 10 Reasons to Love Uruguay ’s President José Mujica 

Reparations for Slavery!
CARICOM Ten-point Plan For Reparations, UNDILUTED Vol. 20

For a real Inspiring story check out:

Self-Taught African Teen Turns Trash into Electricity by Kristina Chew




US and NATO bring democracy to Libya (Video)

Occupy Wall Street spreads worldwide and why (click here)

  The Achievements of Hugo Chavez; Undiluted Vol 19







Hot Calaloo Serialization repeat of controversial
     7th  installment -Chapter VII - Goodness of Man of: 
"Boycott Money and Save Your Soul - 
Launching the Goodwill Revolution

by Michael I. Phillips (Editor, Hot Calaloo) Chapter 7 Goodness of Man

About the Book
Even though man is basically good and has made amazing technological advances, we continue to be mired in wars, poverty, crime and all sorts of social instability. Why? Because our society cherishes and promotes the love of money which is the root of all evil. . This book is an invitation to join the Goodwill Revolution against the addiction, worship and corrupting influence of money. Through this addiction to money, a small rich ruling elite of money- pushers and money-lords have used faceless corporations to buy our democracy, corrupt our institutions, undermine the rights of our workforce, devalue people and manipulate our value system. Do you want to be happy or rich? Shed the brainwashing and seek true happiness of a meaningful life over the phony highs of materialism. 



Boycott Money and Save Your Soul - Launching the Goodwill Revolution
by Michael I Phillips

List Price $11.95 (paperback)
Special Hot Calaloo Price $10


Not just a book but an invitation to join the Goodwill Revolution against an unfair, unjust and deceptive system that keeps the world poor and without hope. Find out how you can do this, quit the rat race, and achieve a happier more meaningful life for yourself and others through goodwill to all  
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UNDILUTED Vol 13 Jeremiah is Wright, no hatred, no racism,  only the truth, but the truth hurts some. Rev Wright is being demonized unjustly. Don't let them intimidate black leaders for telling the truth. Don't take my word. Read for yourself his words in UNDILUTED Vol 13

UNDILUTED Vol 10 - Socialism is making a comeback! Read about the perspective in the undiluted words of Guyana's Ambassador to Venezuela, Odeen Ishmael, in his recent article: 
Socialist ideology takes new roots in South America


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