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Aiding The Caribbean


Hurricane donation guidelines

These guiding principles provide answers to questions and concerns individuals have when an international disaster (hurricane, flood etc.) occurs.

Jamaican Charities (originally supplied by the Jamaica Embassy, Washington DC and updated  by email contacts)

Addiction Alert
57 East Street, Kingston
Tel.: 967-3777-9; Toll Free: 1-888-991-4146 (Lifeline)
Fax: 967-3779
Contact person
: Mrs. Sonita Abrahams

Bank of Nova Scotia Foundation
Corner Duke & Port Royal Streets
Tel.: 922-1000; Fax: 967-1691
Contact person
: Mrs. Marie Powell

First Missionary Church Outreach
58 East Street, Kingston
Tel.: 922-6387; Fax: 967-4142
Contact person
: Rev. Peter Spencer

Food for the Poor
P.O. Box 557, Spanish Town, St. Catherine
Tel: 984-5005/7530-1; Fax: 984-5006
Contact person
: Mr. Bradley Smith

Grace & Staff
69 ˝ Harbour Street, Kingston
Tel: 922-3440; Fax: 967-1427
Contact person
: Mrs. J. Anderson-Jones

Hope for Children Foundation
74 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11
Tel: 923-3594; Fax: 757-3910
Contact person
: Mr. Richard Troupe

Inner-City Development
C/o St. Andrew Scots Kirk
56 Church Street, Kingston
Tel: 922-1818
Contact person
: Rev. Ralph Hoyte

Jamaica Federation of Women
74 Arnold Road, Kingston 5
Tel: 926-7726; Fax: 920-3017
Contact person
: Mrs. Hyacinth McPherson

Jones Town Area Council
35 Bakers Street, Kingston 5
Tel: 967-7485-6; Fax: 967-7486
Contact person
: Ms. Doreen Griffiths

Kingston Restoration Company (YESS)
3 Duke Street, Kingston
Tel: 922-3126; Fax: 922-0054
Contact person
: Ms. Sharon Lawson

Law Street Trade Training Center
1 Laws Street, Kingston
Tel: 922-4960
Contact person
: Sis. Benedict Chung

Mel Nathan Institute
31 Mannings Hill Road, Kingston 8
Tel: 931-4990; Fax: 931-5004
Contact person
: Rev. Maitland Evans

Missionaries of the Poor
7 Laws Street, Kingston
Tel: 922-2996

3 North Street, Kingston
Tel: 922-2218/967-0341; Fax: 922-2218
Contact person
: Fr. Richard Ho-Lung

Multi-Care Foundation
Mechala Group Jamaica Ltd.
7-9 Harbour St., Kingston
Tel: 922-6670/9; Fax: 924-9461
Contact person
: Mr. Leabert Grant

Mustard Seed Communities
1 Mahoe Drive, Kingston 11
Tel: 923-6488/937-2009/2016; Fax: 923-6000
Contact person
: Fr. Gregory Ramkissoon

New Hope Children's Home
Mandeville, Jamaica
Founder: Amanda Williams
Contact person: Rebekah Byrd, Assistant to Amanda Williams
(submitted by email contact March 11, 2005)

North Street United Church
28 North Street, Kingston
Tel/Fax: 922-7341
Contact person
: Ms. Joan Jonas

Operation Friendship
2C East Bell Road, Kingston 11
Tel.: 922-8933; Fax: 923-0802
Contact person
: Rev. Dr. Webster Edwards

Operation Peace
Wesley Methodist Church
Corner Rosemary Lane & Tower Street, Kingston
Tel: 9227057
Contact person
: Sister Julia Davis

PALS Jamaica Ltd
7 North Street, P.o. Box 40, Kingston
Tel: 967-3795/6; Fax: 922-6297
Contact person
: Mrs. Janilee Abrikian

Salvation Army
153B Orange Street, Kingston
Tel: 922-6764; Fax: 967-2789
Contact person
: Lt-Col. Clinton Burrowes

Social Action Centre
56 Hope Road, Kingston 5
Tel/Fax: 978-1646/4091
Contact person
: Mr. Michael Mitchell

St. Anne Outreach Centre of Concern
St. Anne’s Church
5 3/4 Percy Street, P.O. Box 8002, Kingston
Tel: 922-2991
Contact person
: Fr. Michael D. Linden, S.J.

S-Corner Clinic Community Development Organization
18 St. Joseph Road, Kingston 13
Tel/Fax: 923-0672
Contact person
: Ms. Angela Stultz-Crawle

St. Matthew’s Church- Allman Town Human
Resource & Skills Training Centre
1-3 Victoria Street, Allman Town, Kingston 4
Contact persons
Canon Weeville Gordon- Tel: 922-5091
Mr. Renford A. Shirley- Tel: 922-7453

St. Patrick’s Foundation
193 Bay Farm Road, Kingston 11
Tel: 968-3736
Contact person
: Mr. Fabian Brown

United Way of Jamaica Information Service
22-126 Tower Street, Kingston
Contact person
: Mr. Fabian Brown

1 National Heroes Circle, Kingston C.S.O
Tel: 922-5707; Tel/Fax: 922-5715
Contact person
: Mr. Basil Ferguson

Western Kingston Community Development
C/o Tivoli Gardens Community Center
Seaga Boulevard, Kingston 14
Tel: 922-7373; Fax: 929-8039
Contact person
: Ms. Daphne Hurge

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)
21 Hope Road, Kingston 10
Tel: 926-8081; Fax: 929-9387
Contact person
: Mrs. Sarah Newland-Martin

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
2 H Camp Road, Kingston 5
Tel/Fax: 928-3023
Contact person
: Mrs. Mildred Dean

Youth Opportunities Unlimited
4 ˝ Camp Road, Kingston 4
Tel: 759-2080; Tel/Fax: 759-2081
Contact person
: Mrs. Margaret Denton