Caribbean Facts Most Interesting

Caribbean Trade Good for USA

The US continues to fight its increasing trade deficit. But, not because of the Caribbean. The US not only maintains a trade surplus with the Caribbean, but 70% of every Caribbean export dollar is spent in the US. Furthermore it is estimated that this trade sustains over 300,000 jobs in the US and generates 16,000 more annually.


Almost Crime Free Bermuda

The murder rate in Bermuda for over the past decade averaged 3 per year.


Chernoble Kids Gets Cuban Medical Treatment

Probably the Chernoble disaster is the worlds worst nuclear accident and it left thousands of children badly injured by radiation. Recently the Ukraine health minister praised what he called the "highly qualified " treatment given by Cuban doctors to just over 13,000 Ukrainian youngsters, known as the "Chernoble children". These children have been going to Cuba for medical attention since the accident at the nuclear plant in 1986.



Surfside, Florida, to the Rescue of Haiti
Inspiring work and commitment from Surfside, a town community in Florida, to helping Haiti is an example of Americans at their best. This work prompted the following letter from Hot Calaloo.

............................................  You deserve the highest
praise for your involvement and active participation especially in
these times when so many are so self-absorbed and insensitive to the
plight of others. Hot Calaloo will try to bring these good deeds to
light. I hope this exposure will inspire others to do likewise.

Michael Phillips, Editor
Hot Calaloo

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